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Anonymous said: Define cis for me please... I'm lost






cis means you identify with the gender you were born as. so im cis bc i was born a girl and i identify with my gender, im a girl. (u can still be a girl and not have a vagina or vice versa)

That’s why it’s fucking stupid when people cis shame.

oh im sorry i didnt know it oppressed you to make fun of u for identifying with your birth gender. like fuck off you will never experience the hardships that lgbtq people will FUCK off

I’m white and I’m from Miami in lil Haiti. I was the only white person In that area, and I personally experienced a lot of oppression. When I was 7 I was going to the homeless shelter because god knows where my mom was, and the turned down A SEVEN YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL BECAUSE OF HER RACE. So don’t you fucking dare say white people have never been oppressed.
You all start stereotypes with “the teenage white girl brat that bitches at Starbucks because they fucked up her drink” no okay.
Yes I am white, but that doesn’t mean my life has been perfect. I’ve been raped, abused, and SHOT AT BECAUSE OF MY RACE.
It is no longer the 1950’s- racism happens to ALL races.
Don’t make assumptions about me and my life because I’m white. I’ve been oppressed, shot at, and segregated all because of my skin colour.

Eclipse lunar 2014
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rip my bubbly:(
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drawn by a friend :)  i think it looks amazing ! <3
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My blue dream
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